Terms & Policies


Cancellations / Refunds Policy:

All requests for cancellation must be submitted in writing. The following outlines our cancellation policy:

  • No refunds given for cancellations
    Please note:  Cancellation requests due to unforeseeable circumstances will be considered on a case by case basis.

We offer a credit that can be transferred to another future adventure should you need to cancel for any reason. Credits with us never expire.

If the participant arrives late to the trip or leaves prior to its conclusion, refunds will not be given for any unused portion of the trip. No refunds will be made for yoga classes, or other activities that the participant misses or decides not to participate in for any reason.

  • In the event of inclement weather, you will receive a full refund if event is cancelled by Nature’s Om Adventures, or a credit if you prefer. Nature’s Om Adventures will make a judgement call based on weather patterns and safety and contact you the morning in the event of a cancellation.


Transfer policy:

You may transfer your adventure from one Nature’s Om Adventure to another before the original listed adventure start date without penalty, after which time our cancellation policy applies.


Photographs / Video policy:

Nature’s Om Adventures may be photographing and digitally recording parts of the adventure and reserves the right to use any such photographs / videos / digital recordings in its advertising, displays, publicity materials, and publications without obtaining further consent from any participant.

The undersigned hereby grants Nature’s Om Adventures permission to use their likeness in written publications and documentation, and on audio, video, television and the internet. I release, discharge and agree to hold harmless Nature’s Om Adventures from any liability that may occur in the reproduction of the finished product.

All profits, proceeds, and income resulting from the production, distribution, sale and promotion of this product are the exclusive property of Nature’s Om Adventures.



An environment free of allergens, including but not limited to food allergens, CANNOT be guaranteed on a Nature’s Om Adventures trip. Therefore, the released parties cannot guarantee that any particular food product is free of all traces of any particular allergen, that consumption of a food product will not result in some form of allergic reaction, or that the participant will not come into contact with any allergens while in attendance on Nature’s Om Adventures trip. The undersigned acknowledges and agrees that i) she/he is aware of such risks and that participation in the event will expose the participant to food, activities and persons that may result in exposure to allergens and injury and, in that regard and assuming such risks, the undersigned hereby fully releases and discharges the Released Parties from any and all liability and/or responsibility to the participant, the undersigned, or any third party for death and/or injuries to the participant, and/or any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, or any damages that arise out of or relate to participant’s participation in Nature’s Om Adventures and/or exposure to food allergens.