who we are ... 

Our names are Bea and Rose. We met during our 200-hour yoga teacher training at Bearfoot Yoga. We immediately connected through our love for nature, yoga, and travel. Although we are on different career paths, we share two common goals: the desire to inspire and empower others.

Nature’s Om Adventures began as an idea, sparked by traveling together and realizing we plan some badass, action packed itineraries. Together, we’ve hiked some tall mountains, explored new cities, attended yoga and music festivals, but most importantly, we push each other to get out of our comfort zone. After our adventures. we came back to reality with a sense of peace and rejuvenation, and immediately wanted to share our newfound state of being with others. With this revelation, Nature’s Om Adventures was born. 

We knew our purpose is to lead groups back to places we visited and provide them an opportunity to encourage and motivate each other. We want to share our gratitude for the natural beauties of life, what nature can offer us, and our vision with the community. We believe the best way to discover yourself is through nature and adventure.


Yosemite National Park, California | July 2016

Yosemite National Park, California | July 2016


Our mission...

We offer guided adventures in beautiful destinations designed to immerse individuals in Nature. Yoga. Travel.

Our mission is to provide to the community a unique outdoor experience that is rich in nature, yoga, and exciting activities. Our adventures are designed to promote clarity and perspective. We lead our guests to regroup and recharge from the daily stresses of life. We want to create an environment where one can enjoy nature without judgement or expectations. Through our love for nature and wanderlust, we believe we can empower others to awaken their true potential and leave with lasting memories.